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Our intensive onsite energy programmes were created to hasten carbon and energy economies.

We've developed the programme on the basis of the principles -Sigma and lean manufacturing, to greatly help support constant improvement, that will later enhance energy operation and eliminate waste.

Applying this version, we analyse states and present procedures, assessing and identifying opportunities to quickly enhance energy operation.

Remarkable effects

Our intensive onsite energy occasions usually provide carbon and energy emission reductions between 30% and 20%.

An average programme will:

  • Provide a cost effective, energy optimisation programme that is quantifiable
  • Identify jobs enhance efficiency and to cut back energy use
  • Execute sustainable change in a quick timeframe
  • Hasten the power management procedure

  • The programme

    The programme works on the modular construction so it can be applied to property or any organisation, as techniques and the tools used are scalable and flexible.

    Our programme creates a 'one team' strategy that empowers concurrently calls for and teaches your team to ensure developments that are identified are embedded into the culture of your organisation, procedures and processes.

    For more info click the link to read our booklet.

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      Welcome to Asenergy Consultants we are a team of ten skilled energy experts that have been in the industry for the last 8 years.

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      We can help your business save money by evaluating your business and your company energy usage.

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      To make sure every company in the uk has had our free consulation and will be saving money year on year with our service.